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2011 Predictions for the in-building wireless industry

January 10, 2011

graphRecently, Mario Bouchard (for those who don’t know is the CEO of IBwave) asked the LinkedIn Ibwave user group, what were the group’s predictions for 2011. The timming of this question couldn’t be better. The indoor wireless industry is been gaining momento, due to the growing traffic demands and user neeeds. We can expect to see a growing interest in the industry at the eyes of operators and building owners. The DAS will start to be a very valuable asset and become a standard in all major buldings.

Here’s Mobile Grid predicitions and wishes for 2011 for the inbuilding ecosystem:

  • Mobile Applications are created that can take advantage of the existence of a indoor DAS (LBS, venue web portals, etc)
  • Multi-Band Repeaters gain market. – they are more adaptable to future frequencies and technologies (such as LTE). Node-A from Andrew is an example.
  • Repeaters get even more intelligence – allow accurate traffic estimates and adapt to macro-network changes easier
  • change in the building’s owners-mobile operators relationship. No more renting.
  • buildings owner participation on the DAS CAPEX gets higher.
  • Telecom Regulators start having more interest on the indoor DAS regulation.
  • LTE frequency auctions: we will see indoor project demands by the telecom entities.

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